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Pruning Promotes Health … and I don’t mean dried plums!

Pruning a plant is an important part of helping it to be healthy and to grow in strong and sustained ways. By pruning we cut away the dead wood and the extra shoots that drain energy from the plant that don’t support healthy growth.  Overlapping branches need to be trimmed so that each branch will strengthen and not interfere with the growth of other branches.  By doing this we allow the plant to put that energy into
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Do You Have a Hidey-Hole?

The Thesaurus defines niche as a position, slot, role, forte, or function. It also says a niche is an alcove, recess, nook or hidey-hole. That made me smile. Do I have a hidey-hole in my business? As someone with more than 30 years experience in marketing, I know that it is important for companies to have a position. Positioning is one of the hallmarks of branding. One of the best marketing books written is “Position
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Just what IS marketing?

Marketing means different things to different people. Some think marketing is advertising… but it is much more than that. In fact, advertising makes up just one piece of one of the five major components of marketing. It is one aspect of promotion that includes direct mail, internet promotion, networking, public relations … you get the picture. Media advertising isn’t right for every business —
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