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Do You Have a Hidey-Hole?

The Thesaurus defines niche as a position, slot, role, forte, or function. It also says a niche is an alcove, recess, nook or hidey-hole. That made me smile. Do I have a hidey-hole in my business? As someone with more than 30 years experience in marketing, I know that it is important for companies to have a position. Positioning is one of the hallmarks of branding. One of the best marketing books written is “Position
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Just what IS marketing?

Marketing means different things to different people. Some think marketing is advertising… but it is much more than that. In fact, advertising makes up just one piece of one of the five major components of marketing. It is one aspect of promotion that includes direct mail, internet promotion, networking, public relations … you get the picture. Media advertising isn’t right for every business —
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Would you rather go to the dentist than sit down to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for your business?

If so, then check out these simple steps to getting this process underway.  Success in your business begins with a strategic plan. Planning Planning is the first important step and includes all the up-front thinking … determining your objectives, what marketing activities to use to support your objective, what resources are available, and who needs to be involved.  No shotgun methods here – which miss the mark most o
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A Successful Email Doesn’t Always Sell!

Keeping in touch with customers, clients, prospects, and even inactive customers is very important in the relationship marketing of today. Today’s customers and prospects are knowledgeable and appreciative when you send informational emails that contain useful and valuable information they will read and use.  Product-centric messages are likely to get tuned out so the key is to create email messages that your recipie
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Newsletter Design – Tips for the Non-Designer

Keep the following in mind when taking the leap to designing an email newsletter as a regular and consistent marketing activity. Get Help Seek out applications that can help even the self-taught, would-be design artists, like me!  Help can come in the form of templates available online – check out Campaign Monitor at http://www.campaignmonitor.com/templates/ or from applications such as Constant Contact www.constantc
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Questions to ask yourself before you pull the trigger.

Questions to ask yourself before you pull the trigger on that Direct Mail Promotion you are itching to do… Who is most likely to respond to my offer? What does this person “look like”? Male or Female? Age? Income bracket? Who has purchased your product or service in the past? Speaking of OFFER, what exactly am I offering? What is the product? (or service?) Be sure to answer your prospect’s unspoken question: What’s i
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