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Katherine Jasmine, Founder and President of MarketingFIRST
Katherine Jasmine, Founder and President of MarketingFIRST
Katherine Jasmine’s career spans over 30 years and includes all facets of research and marketing in the business-to-business and consumer marketplaces. Before establishing MarketingFIRST, Ms. Jasmine was Vice President of Research and Marketing for Haights Cross Communications, the parent company of several educational publishing companies, including Sundance Publishing and Newbridge Publishing. Prior to that, she was the Marketing Director for the Supplementary Division of Addison-Wesley Publishing in New York and a partner in a full-service marketing, advertising, and public relations firm in New Jersey.

Katherine is an experienced focus group moderator and research analyst whose expertise is regularly called upon for product development, new product launches, and market trend analysis. As a trained business coach, she builds relationships with clients integrating collaboration with accountability to help her clients set and achieve strategic goals. She has expertise in developing content (copy) for all forms of marketing communications with a specialization in marketing-oriented websites. In addition, she is frequently asked to present seminars and workshops on many facets of marketing.

  • Strategic Marketing

    We create 5-year, 3-year, and 1-year tactical marketing plans to keep our clients on the track to success.
  • Print Marketing

    We can analyze and or recreate brochures, catalogs, flyers, advertising, logo and letterhead.
  • Web Marketing

    We can complete a comprehensive navigation and efficacy review on your existing Website to be sure that it is user-friendly, that each element builds brand recognition, and that the messages support your business growth objectives.
  • Direct Mail

    MarketingFIRST will work with you to create a plan and to run it through a “contribution analysis” before the planning goes further to see that the projected results are in line with your objectives and budget!
  • Market Assessment

    Are there external factors that are affecting your market? What can you do to minimize their negative effects? Let us help you find out.
  • Trade Shows

    MarketingFIRST will work with you to determine which trade shows are the best for your products and services and will create a trade show marketing plan for you.
  • Public Relations

    MarketingFIRST will show you how you can integrate public relations into your business routine or will do it for you!
  • WOM Marketing

    MarketingFIRST will show you how you can ask for testimonials from satisfied customers and use them to best advantage.
  • Market Research

    MarketingFIRST helps its clients make smart marketing decisions by finding out the answers to tough questions.

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